A passionate backend and full-stack PHP developer in love with the web, with a secret obsession for email.

  • Christopher McKirgan
  • Bristol (& Bath), UK
  • 07888003871


  • Web Developer2013, Dec - Present

    Deep Blue Sky

    Backend development, with some full-stack requirements, involving direct input from conception to delivery. I spent most of my time working the PHP/MYSQL back-end of our bespoke PHP CMS/Framework (Spirit), working with tonnes of APIs (from Instagram to telephone IVR). Significant time working the middle-weight email systems; coding complex automated emails, developing marketing strategies and implementation. Responsibilities included some consultancy, project lead, direct client issue tracking & resolution.

    Technologies used: OO-PHP, SASS, MYSQL, GIT, Codebase, Trello, Harvest, SublimeText, Photoshop, InDesign, CentOS & much more.

  • Freelance, Web Developer2012, June - present

    NybbleMouse (part-time sole trader)

    Engineering bespoke CMS and framework powered sites. Consulting with small-medium businesses to a working end responsive design, or simple PSD to CMS themes and responsive HTML emails. Experience creating complex bespoke wordpress themes & plugins such as OAUTH Google Calendars, Newsletter sign-ups and Instagram feeds. A strong emphasis on developing client's vision and end-user UX experience.

    Technologies prefered: OO-PHP, SASS, JQuery, GIT, Photoshop, Ubuntu/CentOS, Laravel, Wordpress, Grunt, Mustache.

  • Programmer/Database Developer2012 - 2013


    Developing and maintaining our custom build email server delivering millions of emails a day. Coding HTML email and spam-evasion techniques are my expertise day-to-day. My work involved heavy Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP and API integration with some Perl, HTML, JQuery thrown in too.

  • Sales Assistant2012, Nov-Dec

    Marks and Spencer

    A part-time position assisting customers in finding products which meet their needs, whilst performing some general tasks of servitude; working on tills for example.

  • Freelance Junior Web Developer2006-2012


    Bespoke engineering websites including photoshop design and end-product build of static and dynamic websites.

  • Supported Missionary2008-2009

    Hope Church, W-s-M

    A missionary role negociating with senior level campus staff and local churches. Heavy involvement in politics through a role in a local college student union.

  • Treasurer2008-2009

    Weston Sixth Form Student Union

    Maintaining and organising student budgets and accounts which holding the responsibility as the primary signatory on the accounts.

  • ICT Executive2006-2008

    Bridgwater College Student Union

    Designing and maintaining the student union websites, providing IT related training to officers, maintaining campus-wide electronic information displays, organising multi-campus wide events and being the first point of call for students.

  • ICT Executive, Director2004-2005

    Sqwiggles Enterprise (partnership)

    Development of business website, creating and executing business strategy with some sales and floor managing on market stalls.


  • 2:1, BA Hons Applied Theology2009 - 2012

    Moorlands Theology College

    A 50+ hour/week intensive theology course with heavy essay work, practical work within churches and the local commuinity. Public speaking and ancient languages are my speciality. My final dissertation was entitled: "An Evangelical Approach To Effective Pastoral Care For Those Who Have Experienced Demonic Deliverance."

  • A-Levels2006 - 2009

    Bridgwater College

    Focusing on computing based courses, achieving the following:
    Computing B, ICT B, Business Studies C, Critical Thinking C.

Teaching/Speaking (notable)

  • Code Club TeacherNov 2014 - Present

    Teaching teachers computing, so they can teach quality coding to the next generation of developers.

  • Bath Digital FestivalOct 2014

    Software as a Service - Westinghouse Vurses Thomas Edison

    Traditional software services struggle with corporate scalability, compatibility and sustainability, causing headaches for developers, and burning business budgets. Not anymore. Discover how software as a service (SaaS) on the web is rapidly changing the way in which we do business and develop software solutions, and learn how SaaS can better realise your next big idea in the market.

  • Bath Digital FestivalOct 2014

    Wearable Tech - A Help or a Hindrance?

    A 5 minute power presentation at the Bath Digital Festival, discussing the pros and cons of UX on emerging wearable technology.

  • Willow Park Church, Kelowna, Canada2012

    International guest speaker.
  • Hope FM radio2011

    Guest speaking, discussing Paganism, Wicca and the Christian message.
  • Verne Prison2010

    Guest preacher at Verne prison chapel.


Development Skills

  • OO-PHP


  • JQuery


  • Responsive Design

  • Perl, Java

Frameworks & CMS

  • Laravel

  • Wordpress

  • Spirit

Graphics and media skills

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • Artistic Flair


  • Responsive Email

  • Linux

  • Android

  • Electronics

  • Raspberry Pi/Arduino

  • Consultancy

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Some of the projects i'm proud of

Pukka Vouchers

A Bristol-grown restaurant discount client-based website and business management system. Think groupon by text message.

  • IVR API (telephone key-dial integration)
  • Business system build
  • Front-end site build

My main role involved back-end development of the website. This included working closely with SMS and IVR API providers to integrate these facilities into the Spirit CMS/framework. As the project lead I spent a good deal of time regulary meeting with the client as part of the Agile process, in addition to managing and resolving tickets brought in from the client.

The system build involved two primary areas; the client voucher purchase & merchant voucher redemption, and the business management system. The client purchase system involved linking a billing SMS API provided by a third-party client to into the PHP framework, then issuing a voucher to the client via SMS. The merchant system involved linking an IVR system (touch dial, Interactive Voice Response) to the PHP framework to verify and redeem vouchers by telephone, in addition to a web redemption portal/merchant self-management area.

The business management system allows Pukka Vouchers to create, approve and manage third-party merchants. View reports & metrics of voucher sales, manage discounts to name just a few featurs.

The company is currently (Nov'14) in a software-launch phase whilst they attract more merchants to their discount scheme.


An open source OAUTH2 Instagram plugin for wordpress with easily extendable templates.

NybInstagram can be easily linked to anyone's account by simply creating some access tokens, then clicking "Log in with Instagram". The plugin also determines the most loved and commented photos and displays them more prominetly; better engaging successful social media.


A (very soon to be) open source OAUTH2 Google Calendar plugin for wordpress with easily extendable mustache templates.

NybGCal can be easily linked to anyone's account by simply creating some access tokens, then clicking "Log in with Google".

Amplify Change, launched by the United Nations

I worked closely with the Dutch ambassador to the United Nations to create an email invitation to be sent to presidents, officials and the Dutch Royal Family, inviting them to the launch of Amplify Change; a new global Sexual Heath and Reproductive Rights charity.

The email had to be coded to be sent by Outlook 2007 (security limitations imposed by the UN), yet still garentee correct rendering accross email clients and platforms.

Squash Skills

A overhaul of Squash Skills email marketing. This involved working closely with the client to outline a new marketing plan, working closely with a designer to determine emails with not only look great, but deliver conversions. This involved tailoring subject lines, A-B testing and clear CTA.

The email was made to display responsively on all major mobile clients, including GMail.

The Net Awards 2014

Building the Net Awards open public voting, and closed judges voting system. Using login with twitter to authenticate votes, or double opt-in emails. My work involved working alongside other team memebers, focusing on the back-end integration of the judging system into the Spirit Framework.

McKirgan Wedding

  • Front-end build
  • Back-end build
  • Instagram API integration
  • Google Maps API integration
  • Unique paper-digital RSVP management system
  • Purpose-build email sending and management system

I built a website for our wedding - The website acted a resource for guests before the wedding for directions, places to stay in the area and as a resource after to access official photos.

I also built an instagram gallery which tracked and cached Instagram images listed under the hashtag #McKirganWedding. Guests posted photos before, during and after the wedding and were automatically added to the website.

I created a unique system which tied our physical wedding invites into a bespoke-built online RSVP system which allowed us to easily manage guests, food requirements and their plus-ones.

Contact info

  • Bristol, UK

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07887378003871
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